Why Dalmann started working with Turning Timbers


Mozambique - a wonderland of timbers


Currently 256 different species of timber have been Identified and catalogued within the Dalmann Concession. In furniture production we use only 4 of these species. To maximise timber recoveries, Dalmann started to use the offcuts to manufacture a small range of turned pieces. Over the last 15 years, this exercise has expanded into a sub industry within the company. A logical step was then to offer these wonderful timbers to the European turners.

Dalmann kept finding dead trees, either felled during the colonial period of the 1970's and abandoned, felled by local communities or having died naturally.  Being hardwood, the insects and rot had removed the sapwood but the heart wood was still in fantastic condition. Dalmann needed to recover this timber.

The dead logs were transported to the mill and sawed and the boards were then finshed by hand

To create a rustic range of Furniture that we call the Gorongosa Range

To make a range of glass topped tables

Old stumps were dug out and worked in the mill

4 Post fell 6.JPG

The division grew with the addition of hand made lathes and using the skills of the local workers to include a full range of turned products including bread boards, bowls, lights, ornaments, stools for the local market.

Coppice 5.JPG

A sample of the goods retailed by Dalmann Mozambique